Before your appointment, please read the before and after care instructions to fully understand the procedure you are receiving. This will give you the opportunity to ask any additional questions and explain what to expect after your procedure.

Q. What is Microblading?

A. Cosmetic Tattooing, also referred to as Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation, Intradermal Cosmetics, etc. is the implantation of specially formulated pigments into the second layer (dermis) of the skin with specially designed instruments to form hairlike strokes. The cosmetic tattooing application will define and enhance your facial features, save you time and give you the confidence of looking your best everyday.

Q. How long does Cosmetic Tattooing last?

A. Cosmetic Tattooing is considered permanent (or semi-permanent) because it is implanted into the skin and cannot be washed off. Though the procedure will be visible for many years, fading can occur over time. The longevity of the procedure is affected by numerous variables including skin type, age, body chemistry/iron deficiency, lifestyle/sun exposure, color of pigment (lighter colors fade faster), and skin care products used (anti-aging/acne will contribute to faster fading). With this in mind, the degree of permanency will vary with each individual and final results cannot be guaranteed. A follow-up appointment after your initial treatment is strongly recommended so that your pigment retention can be assessed and any adjustments can be made. Yearly touch up appointments are also recommended to keep your treatment looking its absolute best.

Q. Am I a candidate? What are the precautions and guidelines for your new cosmetic tattoo?

A. Since there are many variables that can affect the result of your procedure, it is very important to be aware of and avoid things that will adversely affect how your body will retain pigment.

Such precautions include:

No procedures can be performed if you are pregnant or nursing.

Avoid if you are allergic to hair dyes..

Procedures should not be performed if you have certain medical conditions such as Diabetes, Epilepsy, Viral Infections/Diseases, Psoriasis/Skin irritations near treatment area, or are undergoing Chemotherapy.

One of the greatest variables that can affect your healed result is the amount of oil in your skin. If you have very oily skin, you may not be an ideal candidate for microblading. When the pigment reacts with sebum in the dermal layer of the skin during the healing process, the hairlike strokes can blur and lose their definition, ultimately looking a little more powdery. The guideline is that if you can easily control the amount of oil in your skin with products throughout the day, your results will be a little less powdery. If the amount of oil in your skin cannot be controlled, the hairslike trokes will be more powdery. While both of these options can still provide a beautiful brow, it must be understood that results cannot be guaranteed. It is advised that those with oily skin come in for a consultation prior to booking an appointment.


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